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The ORCA Team

  • ORCA Society Board of Directors A group of skilled volunteers providing policy governance and strategic direction to ORCA Society. Board members bring a broad range of skills from relevant disciplines including law enforcement, medicine, Aboriginal services, non-profit management, law and prosecution policy and practice.
    ORCA Society Personnel A small number of personnel working on a part-time basis to manage and support the creation of ORCA Centre. Personnel currently include Project Manager, Book-keeper and Administrative Assistant (all part-time). Permanent staffing needs for ORCA Centre will be identified during the Implementation Phase.
    Partner Agencies Partner agencies include agencies currently involved in responding to the needs of children and youth who experience sexual abuse. It is envisioned that these agencies will have employees working with ORCA Centre either on-site, or off-site as team members or as professionals who interact with ORCA Centre. Partner agencies are represented on the ORCA Working Group.
    The ORCA Working Group Partner agency representatives who provide guidance in planning operations and drafting operating guidelines, protocols and agreements. The Working Group currently includes members with experience in law enforcement, victim services, child protection, counselling, prosecution, research and multidisciplinary practice. Current discussions on multidisciplinary practice will evolve into formal protocols and working agreements negotiated with the administrators of partner agencies.

    ORCA Senior Police Committee

    Representatives from each of the municipal detachments serving the Greater Victoria region meet an ongoing basis to discuss features of the Children’s Advocacy Centre model, gather data on child sexual abuse prevalence in Greater Victoria, identify police services issues and potential barriers to involvement with ORCA Centre, and determine areas of agreement for police participation in ORCA Centre.

    Reference and Advisory Groups Skilled professionals and volunteers who sit on short-term “task forces” to undertake specific tasks or provide guidance related to the Implementation Phase Work Plan. Reference and advisory groups will help to provide guidance in a variety of areas including cultural competence and the perspectives of youth.

    Funders and Donors

    Government bodies, such as the Federal Department of Justice, BC Ministry of Justice, Foundations such as The Echo Bay Foundation, The Steve Nash Foundation and The Sun Star Fund and individual donors. ORCA Society is grateful to these supporters who have helped to set the stage for ORCA Centre to become a reality.

    Volunteers and Community Members Citizens who support the Society by giving of their time to promote ORCA Centre and to support events, special projects and operations of the Centre. And…people who follow our progress and support us in other ways!

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